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This stylish Bricoletta comes with 1800 w of power! It   has a beautiful design and polished stainless steel body with cup warming plate   and stainless steel lower water-drip tray. Designed for easy access to most   parts in order to minimize maintenance costs. Thermically balanced coffee   dispensing group for perfect espresso extraction, thanks to heat exchanger   and hot water-heating plant by thermo siphon circulation. Lever group and   water reservoir. 2.2L water tank removable from the top for easy cleaning,   with rechargeable water softener to reduce limestone dregs. Automatic water   recharge system to keep the correct boiler level. Multidirectional steam and   water nozzle. Internal safety thermostat. Internal boiler pressure regulator   which also enables you to adjust pressure from outside. Manometer to check   boiler steam pressure.

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